Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung (DMV) is the German Mathematical Society. Founded in 1890, the DMV promotes and supports mathematics in its full breadth, Mathemematics as a Science in the full range from theory to applications, mathematics in Schools, Universities, and Industry, as well as its presentation in Media and Society. It currently represents 4000 mathematicians and has representatives at almost every mathematics department in Germany. It publishes its magazine DMV-Mitteilungen, the web site, two research journals Jahresbericht der DMV  and Documenta Mathematica, as well as frequent memoranda and press releases.

Our Prizes

In memory of its first chairperson, the DMV awards the Georg Cantor Medal for outstanding scientific achievement in mathematics. Prize recipients have included Yuri Manin (2002), Friedrich Hirzebruch (2004), Gerd Faltings (2017) and Hélène Esnault (2019). 

The new Minkowski Medal is a mid-career prize in Mathematics: It will be awarded for the first time in 2020, on occasion of the 130th anniversary of the founding of DMV.

The Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize was created to honor scientists whose mathematical research has had an impact outside mathematics. It is awarded every four years at the International Congress of Mathematicians by the DMV jointly with the International Mathematical Union.

Every two years, the DMV awards its mathematics media prize to journalists and scientists who popularize research. Also, in cooperation with the Physics, Chemistry and Biology Societies, a yearly best lecturer prize is awarded to outstanding university teachers. 

Each year on behalf of the DMV a book prize with a one-year membership to DMV (“Abiturpreis der DMV”) is awarded to more than 3500 outstanding highschool graduates in Germany. Also mathematics faculty members may nominate up to ten students each term for a free one-year membership at the DMV. 

This is supported by the DMV Media Office, as well as by its Network Office Schools-Universities. Both offices are permanent results of the German „Year of Mathematics 2008“, which was co-initiated and co-sponsored by DMV.

At the DMV’s student conference "Stukon”, mathematics students present their master’s theses and win attractive prizes, including invitations for stays at mathematical research institutes. Students may also obtain DMV funding for self-organized conferences, the “DMV Mathematikschulen”.

Current mathematics topics are presented and discussed at the DMV’s annual meeting, which also features survey and research lectures, the Emmy Noether Lecture, as well as evening talks geared towards the general public. 

The biannual Gauß lecture also addresses the society at large with a multifaceted combination of a historical talk, a plenary speech, live music and a reception.